We are living in some wonderful times. Online media gave us the chance of almost instant feedback, of seamless data gathering, of high volumes and a vast diversity of information from the market and our customers.
We have to use it, as professionals. Those who ignore this chapter of our industry are voluntarily giving away the possibility of greater precision and accuracy in implementing marketing actions, higher speed of reaction.
Yes, we have to use the data, but at the same time, I’ve learned that this doesn’t mean to leave innovation aside just because “the market” seems to say so. In fact, there are a lot of cases in the recent marketing history when “the market” was wrong. For example, Red Bull never had the Data on his side. Not in his beginnings.

Yes, I use Data. Yes, I spend a lot of time in performing analytical tasks, but I use it as an essential Ingredient and not the sole one.
In the same direction of the “water” comparison, I believe that if the Companies drink to much water, they’ll get sick.
I don’t take unnecessary risks, but I firmly believe that you cannot discover unique marketing “gems” (incredible results) without continuously trying to evolve, to educate and test, sometimes being unconventional, growing ideas even when studies, research or people say it won’t work.



Finding a U.S.P. for a Milk Product seems almost impossible. Everybody in the industry is using terms like “real natural milk” or “bio” or “organic.” Many companies tell their clients that “we don’t mess with the milk, we don’t alter it.”
For some days we were in the blur. We knew our Milk Product is the “real deal,” but we did not find the right approach until we looked deep into the lab diagrams. Our Milk had 50 times less micro-organism than any other milk on the market. We took that info and created our core brand campaign.