Creative in his thoughtwork.

In my thirty-five year career as a college professor (psychology) and as a corporate consultant, I’ve met many hundreds (perhaps thousands) of creatives and concept designers. Dragos Alexa is among thetop 1% of professional people I have been blessed to meet.

Russell J. Watson, Ed.D.

12 highlights that will help you know me better

15+ years experience

I am from Romania

I live in Asheville, NC

Bachelor degree in Communication

250+ projects

Corporate and Agency experience

Managed 51 people at a time

Over 30+ industries

I’ve met all agreed deadlines in my life.

I wrote 3 books

Hands on and all hats

Customer first while being profitable

Being an expert is also a number's game

In particularly with a hands-on attitude, these figures extrapolate the essence but not the actual magic of these experiences.

These numbers are not “mine,” but my team’s – those beautiful people that made all possible. Even if I can play solo, the best symphonies are written for orchestras.
the largest project budget
created in the past 4 years (full life cycle)
on-line projects
launched in the past 7 years
that were not met
managed both on-line and off-line
branding projects
developed in the last 8 years

What do you get?


A colleague that will push our company into innovation

I excel in finding out what are the unexplored opportunities within an ecosystem.


A team leader with a love for constant learning

I have a long time experience in mentoring people and especially creative colleagues (which tend to have a different rhythm).


A pursuer of company's success in all its forms

Sales, community, efficiency seeker, brand developer, awards. I am into making success happen while being creative and not vice versa.


A guy that found his professional calling

I am incredibly thankful for this. I am not a marketing expert because of an opportunistic situation. I am because I am so good at it that it’s scary.

Let's have a screening interview

Of course, you cannot trust what a website says. Reach out and let's set up a call or a video conference!

Hiring a Marketing Expert for your team is vital for the future of your company. I know that I will be one of the most significant human assets and you need to be convinced that I am “for real”, in the first phase.

How can we do this if we won’t talk!

I want to get to know Dragos

What's with the mouse?

It is a special one, a 'rat'!



I don’t dislike mobility, but I want my mouse to be reliable and faster than a wireless mouse.


ts special abilities and features make it a professional use mouse.


A lot of it.


I like that this particular mouse can be customized in such detail having in mind the unique characteristics of its user – this mouse not only can be modified on its length and width, but it also has a weight adjustment system. In the same way, a marketing expert needs to adapt his and his team’s capabilities to a wide range of contexts.
In this website, I am using this mouse, as the main character, to tell you all about my capabilities, my opinions, and philosophies related to my marketing and branding expertise.