We’ll take it to the next level. Together.

I love challenges, I am not afraid of small budgets but small minds. If there is good will and best intentions for the end Customers, I will help you. Period.

Interesting facts.

Table tennis

Don’t call it ping-pong. I used to be a national vice-champion. Which means I will kick your ass playing just with an ash tray,

Sushi lover

Really! I can easily devour 20 salmon nigiri sushi with tempura. If it’s my birthday, don’t buy me cake but sushi.

Transylvania (home)

Every Vampire story that you’ve heard is true. Vampire exists. Let’s leave it there.


I can create all materials for a Product in 96 h. From naming to logo, from website to packaging. If (there is an if) you feed me sushi.

Military highschool

In Romania, that is no punishment. It was an honor to go there. That part of my life really defined me.

Never late

It is not about punctuality. I really have an organic need to meet deadlines and be on time. Always.


I believe in ET together with believing in God (in a simpler form). I really think that we are years away of meeting them.


I never lie. I find the truth to be so relaxing. It is exhausting to maintain a lie. I really have no time for that.

Do you have any questions for me?


(312) 593-9938